The Space Race Part 3

A ripple swept through the trees spreading out from its epicenter somewhere directly beneath the Captain's Pride, the glass bottomed ship. A huge drum was being beaten, signalling the countdown to the start of the race. The drum itself was many metres wide, it was hard to judge exactly how wide it was from the … Continue reading The Space Race Part 3

Added Weight Part 2

The fall lasted forever. Alice felt like The Alice. Was this how Alice felt when she fell through the rabbit hole, she thought to herself. The wind was rushing past her drowning out her senses. The only things Alice was vaguely aware of was a large flailing body falling somewhere just out of her vision, … Continue reading Added Weight Part 2

Infection Part 2

A small pedal boat was not ideal, but it was the only option Ishild had. She frantically started digging it out of the sand and sea grasses that had started to cover it. The silhouettes on the horizon hadn't moved. They must not have seen her yet, but they were about to. Ishild had a … Continue reading Infection Part 2

Infection Part 1

Ishild was standing on the mainland staring at a small island a way off the shore. Although small, it looked imposing and almost uninhabitable due to the jagged rocks and steep cliffs. Despite that, the imposing cliffs had been utterly dominated by an enormous stone castle which had conquered the summit. The only way to … Continue reading Infection Part 1